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  1. OpportuniTea

From the recording OpportuniTea

OpportuniTea is about making the most of life's simpliciTea and tranquliTea while developing authenticiTea and vulnerabiliTea. By drawing on the support of CommuniTea, one can foster responsibiliTea while maintaing a balance between individualiTea and UniTea


I wanna take this opportuniTea To show my vulnerabiliTea It is my authenticiTea To open to realiTea
I need a little space to breathe I’m welcoming tranquiliTea And fostering the energy For my responsibiliTeas
I’m gonna take some time for me To be the best that I can be Individuality Makes us truly free
Supportive uniTea Full of empathy Sharing loving peace True simpliciTea
After all that I have seen It’s easy to believe That I can help achieve - Yes I can! Compassion globally