Positive & Meaningful Folk Rock - Authenticity @ Mindfulness @ Compassion

I strive to be authentic, mindful and compassionate with creativity and integrity @ I have a strong sense of purpose to make a lasting positive difference in this world @ My music serves as a conduit through which information, wisdom and ideas flow @ I acknowledge that I am not the creator of this knowledge nor do I present the perfect example of how to live by it @ I am on my journey too @ I can admit from the start that I have flaws @ I don't have all the answers and I'm far from enlightened, but, like everyone, I have strengths to share @ I honour my privileged, wealthy, educated and loved position by helping those in need @ I oscillate between focus and free exploration, and between getting it right and learning from mistakes @ I help when I have the strength and will need help in times of weakness @ I appreciate the good that I do in this world @ I commit to growing my capacity to make a difference whilst maintaining healthy balance.

This album has been many years in the making @ Some of the songs were written more than a decade ago @ Officially Single and Right Now Right Here appeared on my first EP back in 2006 @ Other songs such as Every Setting Sun and Active Peace were written just this year in 2015 @ I hope this collection of songs enhances your life as they have enhanced mine @ I am ever grateful to my friend and mentor, Heather Frahn for her guidance, encouragement and amazing music production skills @ It was a pleasure to work with the tenacious, dedicated and talented recording engineer, Anthony Stewart at Red Brick Music @ To collaborate with wonderful musicians who contributed so generously and skilfully to these recordings was a fantastic experience @ Gratitude to my friends and family for their support and inspiration @ Blessings to you for listening and sharing in my musical journey. Forté

All songs written by Forté Right Now Right Here co-written with Paula Kelly Produced by Heather Frahn of Conscious Creations Coproduced by Forté Engineered by Anthony Stewart at Red Brick Music Recording Studio Drum Kit & Bass Guitar Recorded by Paul White Mastered by Neville Clark at Disk-Edits Pty. Ltd. Community Singers Conducted by Rachel Bruerville Graphic Design by Jack Bagshaw at Benchmark Design Studios Artwork by Nicholas Dallwitz Photography of Artwork by Glenn Hawke Photography Hand Typography by David Bagshaw Photography by Lee Knowles Hair & Makeup by Bec Seacombe Styling for photo shoot by Bec Secombe, Vassi Coutsoumbes & Heather Frahn Track Order Consultation with Zac Lee Preproduction with Heather Frahn & Corey Stewart All musicians are acknowledged for arranging their musical parts in collaboration with Heather Frahn & Forté

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