Right Now Right Here

This is the first single from the debut album, CONDUIT. Order your copy at
Very excited to share the first taste from my album. Hope you like it. Thanks to Lee Knowles for the photograph, Heather Frahn for producing the album, Anthony Stewart for engineering and everyone else who helped make this happen.
Right Now Right Here” is about living in the moment and appreciating life. I wrote it with my mum, Paula many years ago. It really became important to me while I was travelling with the Rainbow Family in 2012. Please visit to sign up to my mailing list and find out more.

Love and truth exist, I know this to be true
I see it now that consciousness is clearly shining through
Finding peace internally is what we’re striving for
Not relying on consumables to bring happiness to our door

I have nothing left to say, nothing more to do
There’s a bliss in the awareness of the me inside of you
Take this gift of consciousness, alleviate your fear
There is nothing left to wait for, it’s all right now right here
All right now right here

Appreciate the moment, fully what it’s worth
Loving truthful choices will save this dying Earth
What you believe will come about, do you like what you see?
You have the power to change your life, decide your choistiny