Album Launch Highlights

This concert was a fantastic expression of the beautiful humans who were involved in making my album happen. So grateful to all the musicians and crew who made the event such a success.

Church of the Trinity, Clarence Park, South Australia
Friday, November 13th, 2015

Father (Studio Version)
Natural Progression
Active Peace
The Cycle
The Universe Provides
Best I Can Be
Schedule It In

Chris Finnen, Heather Frahn, Anthony Stewart, Rachel Bruerville, Burke Stacey, Kc Guy, Paul (Flex) Allan, Theo Vandersman, Gillian Murray, Paul White, Caellyen Bruerville, Mark Teale , and Claire Chittleborough.

Noni Espinosa on sound, Anthony Stewart stage manager, Irene and Klay on videography, Graham Burkin for mixing the audio, Lee Knowles for photography

Kylie, Twig and Dave of the Kylie Brice Trio for playing
Kc Guy for his music in the hall before the concert
Andrew and Buffy for the chai and setup
Di and Phil from Animal Liberation
Richard Schirmer for representing White Ribbon
Katie and my father for doing the door and merch

Massive thank you to all my wonderful Supportés for coming along and supporting my music. Love you!