“Active Peace” for White Ribbon

Here is my song, Active Peace that was written in collaboration with Adelaide’s Southern Domestic Violence Network and fellow White Ribbon Ambassador Richard Schirmer. It was recorded for my album CONDUIT and features a group of 25 community singers.

I hope my music makes a positive difference in the world.

Acoustic Guitar, Waldzither & Lead Vocals (Forté), Cello & Backing Vocals (Rachel Bruerville), Community Singers (Aaron Simonson, Alastair Robertson, Claire Chittleborough, David Bagshaw, Eliza Richter, Helen Massey, Joshua Phillips, Katie Evans, Liz McCarthy, Max Brown, Meredith Hall, Michele Ignalio, Paula Kelly, Rebekkah Sparrow Lord, Rose Pullen, Sam Morris, Serrin Rutledge-Prior, Teri, Theo Vandersman, Tyrone of Light & Zac Lee), Double Bass (Theo Vandersman), Cajon (Caellyen Bruerville)