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First Single Released from CONDUIT

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After many months in production, my new album, CONDUIT has been released. The song I co-wrote with my mum about living in the moment and appreciating life, Right Now Right Here has been chosen as the first single. I’m really proud of how it has come together. I have made a lyric video to share the song with you. It’s a real sing along number, especially at the end where everyone sings, “It’s all right now right here” over and over while I repeat the chorus. It sounds sensational in a live performance.

The song was very important to me getting to this point in my musical journey. When I began travelling at the start of 2012 I rediscovered my passion for my original music and the acceptance of this song by my travelling companions made a big difference to my confidence. It also reminded me of where I had been before I turned down a tangent in my life’s path. As i grew back into my authentic self, this song reminded me of my roots and helped me come home to myself.

I really hope you enjoy the music on this album. A massive thank you to all of you who have contributed to it’s production via my Pozible campaign and it was amazing to share the music with you at the launch.

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